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Make Mid-South Adjustment Website Redesign

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Launched: October 2017
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A Little About The Project...

Redesign Objectives

When Mid-South Adjustment came to us, their Flash-based website wouldn't work on most smartphones or Apple devices, and most internet browsers made it a hassle. Because of this, the folks at Mid-South essentially operated as if they didn't have a website for several years.

Our first goal was to bring their website into the modern era with a mobile-responsive design all internet users could access. Once folks got to the site, we wanted to make sure that - whether the visitor was someone wanting to negotiate debt or a potential client looking to see what services are offered - it was easy to identify the information, resources, and tools they're looking for.

About Mid-South Adjustment

Mid-South Adjustment is a collection agency based in Central Arkansas. For over 35 years, Mid-South has delivered consistent results for its clients and maintained a reputation of honesty and integrity in the credit and collection industry.

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Before && After

Mid-South Adjustment - Before Mid-South Adjustment - After
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